Happy Weekending!

awesome people hanging out
I love this photo. 

What are you all up to this fine spring weekend? We might brave the crowds and take in the wonder of the Cherry Blossom during peak bloom. My friend Rashmi advises to get there at sunrise, that’s what her family does to capture the true beauty of the blooms sans crowds. Sounds magical, we will aim for it with the expectation that we will probably arrive around 10:30 just in time to whisper swears out of ear reach of the kiddos when there is not a parking spot left to be had. We’ll take in my talented friend Karen Reedy’s dance company at DC’s Dance Place as well, where they are tag-teaming with San Francisco’s Project B. in performance. If you live in the area, get yourself a ticket! Karen’s choreography is so swoonful, I wish it could dance me to sleep every night.

What I’m Drinking:

The cherry blossoms are blooming- just another good reason to drink pink. I’m liking this one lately- a perky pink Pinot from Sonoma, yum.

In Other News:

My friend Liz Larsen is playing Carole King’s mother on Broadway in “Beautiful” (NEED TO SEE THIS SHOW!). It was just another day on the Broad-way last night when the legend herself popped in to see the show. She sat down backstage with the cast for an impromptu master class. What the what! That’s Liz in the corner wiping away tears as she videos and sings harmony.

How brunch is taking over the world.

A Navy Seal explains why making your bed may the most important thing you do today.

Dove’s new beauty campaign spawning spoofs all over the blogosphere including this one and criticisms across the interwebs like this one. What say you to all of this?

Which iconic movie house should you live in? (I got Cameron’s house from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off- I always loved that house!)

These little beach radios remind me of my pink Sharp QT-50 boombox circa 1986- that thing was awesome, do you guys remember these?

The cookbook I’m drooling over and its restaurant I need to patronize.

I love this little chambray blazer.

Hilary hires this Google gal to head up her tech dept. It looks like she’ll make the big Hil for Prez. announcement this weekend.

This Atlanta designers’ patternful and color-filled home is the cat’s meow. That lighting fixture- that coffee table- those prints on prints. Love it.

Turns out it wasn’t just bad teeth, a few reasons why nobody smiled in old photographs.

If you’re short on space in your kitchen, this is a stylish storage solution.

An afternoon at Georgia O’Keefe’s Ghost Ranch.

Hip Hip Hooray- the Brontosaurus is back! Next up- we need to get Pluto back in the game.

Cin Cin ya’ll and Enjoy!




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Happy Weekend!
Happy Weekend!

Happy Sunday

happy sunday

It’s a lazy spring Sunday day over here in the ‘burbs. I’m still trying to get used to the idea that I’m so ‘burby now. I haven’t lived in a true suburban community since my childhood and while the pros outweigh the cons for us, I do sometimes feel like a fish out of water. I’ve met some fabulous people on my block alone, but of course most of my friends live in DC or Alexandria proper, so I’m feeling the need to start throwing some massive dinner parties just so that I can get my peeps out here for some good old fashioned quality time. A good excuse to do one of the most fun things on the planet anyway right? Who doesn’t love a good dinner party?

In the meantime, I’m lappin’ up the rays on my newly painted deck. When we moved in, it was a dingy burnt orange-y color, something that I’m sure looked smokin’ in 1979, but a fresh coat of BM’s Deck Gray has zhooshed her up real good. My brother Matt and my sis-in-law Wendy came over to plant some flowers and plants from their garden into ours- how cool is that- and I’m now the proud caretaker of a real honest-to-God herb garden (see photo above). I’m pinching myself about the glories of a backyard.

That’s about it for me this weekend. We start a massive landscape project tomorrow. I’ll post some before and afters but we’re basically getting rid of all of the pretty but dangerous (for toddlers) ivy on a steep slope in the backyard, planting a Japanese maple tree to provide a little privacy from our neighbors and ripping out all the Chinese holly bushes in our front yard which seriously look like prickly torture devices- not the most welcoming thing to see at first glance of a house.

What are you all up to this weekend? My Texas family is currently grillin’ it up at the Austin Food and Wine Fest (yes, I’m completely jealous), their arms above freshly inked by rock star chef Tim Love. I’m loving this flowering plant in these tear drop vases. I never know what to put in mine, I lugged one home from a Provence flea market a few years ago and it usually just sits alone and empty on our countertop. These fritillaria are so graceful and architectural. (Can you tell I’m loving learning about plants- so much to learn). And I’m thinking about this wallpaper for my girl’s room. I’m on a wallpaper tear- cannot get enough. And this one’s on sale. Sweet and pretty, right?

What I’m Drinking

The Chateau Coupe Roses that I posted about on Friday- can. not. get. enough. Marshy, lavender deliciousness from Southern France. Yum. And some Bandol rosé thrown in for good measure, of course.

A Few Things: 

Explaining the joke is the joke. Sort of like Penn & Teller’s approach to magic. I dig it.

35 Restaurants with a View. Because who doesn’t want some good eats and something pretty to look at (besides your date of course).

I love this etsy shop by the Meg A. Myers. Great up-cycled geometric planters.

Fresh and springtime-happy cocktails via Camille Styles.

How are annoying are you on Instagram? This quiz made me throw up a little bit in my mouth. Most of the stuff on this quiz never occurred to me- maybe it’s because I’m 5 years away from Millenial thinking or maybe I’m just too old for this shit. Is this really what’s happening? I know we all have egos- duh, I have a blog- but this whole self(ie) obsession is getting a little out of control.

P.S.: A random side note about the Disney Princess craze. If you don’t have kids, you’ll probably want to skip this next bit.

To all you moms of former, current or soon-to-be toddler girls, I have a theory on the whole Disney Princess craze. Indulge me here. I think it actually could be a little more about our (the moms’) fascination with said Disney heroines than it is our kids’. At least I think that’s where it may start. This is just a theory but it I witnessed this case in point this past week as after watching scenes of “Frozen” over and over again with my little ones (at their request, but honestly, mostly because I really dig it- it is a seriously well-crafted and thoughtful tale with some catchy-ass tunes, after all).

My little miss will not stop belting out “Let It Go”. And this from a 22 month old who doesn’t fully talk yet. She sings out Louise accapella at all hours of the day- in her crib hours after I think she’s gone to bed, at mealtimes, in the car,  and when I try to sing something else, she quickly starts in to the power ballad chorus. “Let It Go” is Celine goes to Vegas after all isn’t it.

My girl is into it and in turn asks to watch Anna and Elsa all day long. Now I have to be honest with myself. She didn’t create this passion from out of the blue. I introduced it to her and I myself am overly enthusiastic about the Frozen girls and cannot resist my full-out musical theater belt every time we get to the “Let It Go” scene. So whose fascination is this anyway? It’s definitely hers, but it’s definitely mine too. Have I created a musical theater Disney-loving monster? If I have it’s too late nate. I’m sure I’ll rue the day when in a few years, she’ll wear nothing but a cheap pink princess-ish gown to school, the park and to bed as many of my friends now contend with. Or maybe she won’t, or maybe I’ll love it that she refused to wear anything but her princess gown. Who knows? But honestly, as a generation that grew up with The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast (ok maybe we tail-end Gen-X’ers were a little old for the Princess schtick when these movies came out), but it kind of makes sense that our kiddos would be so into these Disney ladies. Because we are too, like it or not. Feminist debate to be had at another date. What say you?

Austin Food & Wine Fest photo: Toni Terzian Wellhausen

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Happy Weekend!
Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend!

tasting notes

{writing up tasting notes at Alexandria’s new Waterfront Market}

Happy weekend dear readers. What adventures are you all up to? We had a quick visit from Papa Jacques, the bebes’ grandpa and my mom is in town so it’s been lots of fun family time. George Mason Dance presented its annual Gala performance last night. I watched our students grace the stage and fearlessly tackle the spectacular works of choreographers Karen Reedy, Kyle Abraham, Mark Morris and Robert Battle. Kudos to the department and its impressive program, I was blown away by their work.

I’ve also taken on a really fun new project that involves my spending lots of time writing up tasting notes and tasting through wines at the brand new Alexandria eatery, Waterfront Market, smack dab on Old Town’s pier- what could be more fun? In the last few years the only restaurant to take up residence on the waterfront proper is The Chart House which is great- we all know and love it from vacations past on piers across the country- but let’s face it, locals don’t exactly flock to the pricey chain. Jody Manor of Alexandria’s Bittersweet Cafe (a personal fave) has spearheaded this new spot, setting out to make Old Town’s Pier a destination for visitors and locals alike. My talented friend Rashmi Pappu rang me up to see if I would come in as their Wine Consultant and help them design their wine program, list and market. I jumped at the opportunity to work with them, this great new spot and let’s face it, designing a wine list is one of my all time favorite things to do.

If you’re in our neck of the woods, pop in and see us. Jody has done a great job designing the Market exposing its industrial and raw roots, bringing a local and organic feel back to the space. The restaurant sits adjacent to the Torpedo Factory, a industrial space that houses local artists and their works. Three Cheers for revamping the pier and making it a go-to destination. Come in and sip some of our yummy vino (the sushi and sandwiches are aces too).

What I’m Drinking: 

I’m sipping on a Cabernet from our list. The ’12 Camp Cabernet is an easy-going cab crafted by a former pro-skateboarder. Kenny Likitprakong set out to make a Cab blend from the Sonoma Coast that would speak to the laid back vibe of the surf and skate culture. Success. He sources his grapes from a few different choice vineyards and has concocted a fleshy and food-friendly wine that smacks of boysenberry pie, coffee beans and cassis. Likitprakong threw in a bit of Merlot and Cabernet Franc for good measure. Pick up a bottle at Waterfront Market or here. The ’12 vintage has largely sold out, so get it while it’s hot (or between 62-68 degrees).
*Hobo Wines makes a few more of my current favorites- check out their Folk Machine labels- delish.

A Few Things: 

The bowels of NYC’s Balthazar are like being backstage at a Broadway show. This is a great article on the inner-workings of McNally’s masterpiece and now NY institution. Working in the wine cellar there, I always felt like the way its underbelly operated was akin to the backstage choreography of a show: well-oiled, specific and highly executed.

Why fiction makes us more empathetic.  P.S.: How much do you love Diane Rehm.

I Love Lucy- good or bad for women? I say good, Lucille Ball- always good. This story on Studio 360 is an interesting analysis of the show featuring a few scholars’ two cents and Mindy Kaling too.

Framing your art on the cheap- always helpful.

Inside the Pixar Braintrust- always fascinating.

The Best Cheap Trader’s Joe’s wines to drink with Italian food- when both your table and your wallet are “rustic”.

And lastly, did you guys see this? I recently watched a re-run of the 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Awards and could not believe this acceptance speech. I didn’t quite what to make of it while watching it- but honestly, I think it’s kind of awesome. An entire speech in blah blahs? Now that’s commitment.

Cin Cin all and enjoy the weekend!

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Happy Weekend!
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Happy Weekend!


Happy Weekend dear readers. It has been such a tumultuous, sad and mysterious week in the world with so many tragedies and the Malaysian Air mystery. My heart and prayers go out to the families. I hope we can find some answers soon. Prayers to the victims of the Austin and East Harlem accidents as well.

This weekend we’ll be bidding adieu to our beloved Old Town as we prepare for the big move out to Fairfax County. In reality, we’re only moving 15 minutes away, but in spirit it is another world entirely and the beginning of a new and ‘burby life. Bring on the adventure.

What I’m Drinking:

It’s still cold around here so I’m still craving an earthy, chewy red. This is one of my go-to’s for under $15. I just picked up a case at my local Whole Foods. Great with pizza and burgers. A casual and rustic, while still complex, expression of the Tuscan Sangiovese grape from the Maremma region near the sea. A solid and yummy budget red.

tasting note- morellino

’11 Ghiaccio Forte Vigne de Passegno Morellino di Scansano (what a mouthful!) , $15

A Few Things:

An awesome DIY Sculptural Hand Dish a la the highly coveted Kelly Wearstler design- this one comes at a much cheaper price tag (and isn’t sold out). I’d like to find time to make this, mostly because I just love the way a fresh block of clay feels.

How to style your space like a Wes Anderson movie. I will find a place for that fabulous Scalamandre Zebra wallpaper one day.

Roahhhhr! Carly- what a tigress. I’m always inspired by the divine Ms. Simon, her style and her timeless sound.

Picasso as your pen pal. This is so cool.

A super quick tour through SJP’s NYC Brownstone as she answers 73 quick questions (and very well). Her brownstone is fabulous. I love all the books, there is a real live dictionary and those globes!!!

I can’t wait to read this. Walter Kirn, author of Thumbsucker and Up in the Air, shares the details of his friendship with the killer and con man, Clark Rockefeller and how it felt to be duped.

Bringing Down Bebé- a year in Paris brings this mother and her kids to their knees. This is a great read for any parent who has wondered why their kids can’t patiently play and self-amuse like those well-behaved Frenchies.

Teach your kids how to hustle. Frank Deford is my new favorite- how have I never heard this guy before!

Oh Shirley, how I love ya. This is great.

Gettin’ Freekah with Chicken and Kale in salad form. Thank you Bon Appetit- this one looks delish.

And A Few More Things:

My new favorite show. Talk about mind blowing. This guy is my 2nd favorite new favorite.

You’ve probably seen this video of parents lip-synching to Frozen’s “Love Is An Open Door” while their daughter yawns in the backseat. Last night, C and I performed an entire rendition of Sesame Street’s “La-Di-Da-Di-Dum What’s The Name of That Song” (quite possibly one of the catchiest tunes ever and the reason for my recent insomnia- I CAN-NOT stop singing it- all. night. long.) for our kids, and while our daughter bopped right along, our son repeatedly hit himself in the face. We didn’t blame him. We are pretty obnoxious when we get our full-on musical theater game faces on. And he was sort of trapped and forced to listen to us in his car seat. Seriously one of the funniest things ever. T- not a fan of musical theater (or maybe he’s just not the biggest fan of our singing voices).

Cin Cin all and Happy Weekend!

Photo: Hand Dish by Mandi Johnson

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Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend


Happy Weekend dear readers. I hope you are all off to some fun adventures this March weekend. We are busy renovating and beginning the big move. It’s still absolutely freezing here and we Virginians (I can’t believe I’m actually calling myself that!) are over it as I know much of the country is. I’m taking my little man to the barber today for his very first official haircut. Milestone alert- this will be one for the baby book (if I had one, I WILL get to that someday).

If you’ve not had the chance to vote for moi in Saveur’s Best Food Blog Awards, ante up- of course, if you are so inclined. I would feel so honored to be be nominated amongst the talent of the blogosphere for Best Wine Blog.
Nominate Volatizing here. Grazie Mille and Thank You!!!!

What I’m Drinking:

moulin gassac rosé

I’m dreaming of Spring and warmer weather so I’ll be busting out one of my favorite rosés. Even though I drink this stuff year round, it still signals warm weather for me. From the house of Mas de Daumas Gassac, it’s their Moulin de Gassac Guilhem ’13 Rosé - it’s French, it’s organic, it’s $10, it never disappoints, and it’s made by a wise man (seriously- if you haven’t seen Mondo Vino and you are a fan of naturally made wines, check it out. Aimé Guibert of Gassac is truly a philosopher when it comes to making wine). Perfect with seared salmon, Domaine LA (one of my favorite wine stores in LA) sells this pink beauty so if you live in La La Land, you’re in luck. It’s widely available too so you can pretty effortlessly procure yourself a bottle. Pop that top and dream of balmier weather along the Southern French coastline. Ahhh… That’s better.
Moulin de Gassac Guilhem ’13 Rosé, $10

A Few Things:

This asterisk print is so fun. This would be fun to recreate- filed away for that rainy day when I break out the easel.

10 Rarely Seen Images of Jackie O. What a rockin’ grandmother. That hat is killing me.

The greatest little side dish courtesy of Anna Watson Carl at The Yellow Table. Her cookbook is cooking along, this is my latest favorite recipe.
P.S.: The Yellow Table is one of the best food blogs around. If you don’t read it, you should and if you agree, nominate The Yellow Table for the 2014 Saveur Best Food Blog Awards here.

Fennel Orange Cocktail anyone? Sounds like Springtime to me.

A Few More Things:

This made me happy.

So did this.

This made me sad. Come on- you can’t leave out Jonathan Winters and Dennis Farina- really people. Shame Shame.

Particle Fever- The Search for the Higgs Boson. You know, just some light movie material, like particle physics and the structure of the universe- no biggie. Our pal Matt Bennett was involved with the development of this doc (he also married us- fun fact). A worthwhile subject to be sure, I can’t wait to see it. The trailer looks mind-blowingly cool.

A DIY even I can handle- a spray paint-splattered cowhide rug. This is great.

The “Ugly Marble” trend. This stuff is so delicious, I just want to eat it.

The PBS American Masters tribute to Marvin Hamlisch is fabulous and worth a watch. Seeing him light up all of those great 70s variety shows and specials makes me so nostalgic for those days (not that I much remember them, but I’ve always felt akin to the 70s). I have so many Broadway friends who were fortunate to work with him, he was so loved. What a talent.

The Great Baby Escape. Ha ha.

And A Few Really Random Side Notes:

My friend Matt Miranda brought to light an interesting ponder this week:
Read this.
And then think this: “Skynet IS the virus. It’s the reason everything’s falling apart!” – John Connor
Things are getting a little too Terminator-esque, if I do say so myself.

And lastly, Lorde- you make me want to sit in the dark corner of a smoky bar with a well-made drink and act all moody. Thank you Lorde for sending me straight back to my early 20s. We all need a healthy dose of moody youth in our lives now and again.

Happy Weekend! Cin Cin and Enjoy!

Haricots Verts photo: Signe Birck, Moulin Gassac photo: Domaine LA

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Happy Weekend


It’s been a ba-zonkers week over here- hence the radio silence. I got nothin’ today but a big happy weekend wish for you, dear readers.

In between time with the bebes and lots of work thrown in the mix, I did manage to squeeze in a viewing of one of my favorite documentaries, When We Were Kings- a chronicling of Ali vs. Foreman’s 1974 Rumble in the Jungle. Watching Ali completely psych out his superior opponent before the fight and win because of it, is pretty fantastic. The power of the spoken word- what a mastermind and a poet, I love watching him rhyme.

Speaking of rhyming, check out this Hip Hop Science rhyme. Yes, you read that right- Hip Hop & Science- they kind of make a magic combo. Newton and freestyle yo, check it.

Happy Listening, Happy Weekend and Cin Cin!

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Happy Sunday

Happy Monday

This is amazing. If I could time travel, my first stop might have to be straight to a Soul Train episode. These guys are killing it. I love the women’s suits, the men’s bow ties are out of control and I can’t even count how many dudes are rocking the under-the-knee clap. My favorite is this guy- talk about smooth:

get lucky

Watch this Soul Train/Daft Punk Get Lucky video here, it will seriously make your day.

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Happy Weekend!


How fabulous are these bathers from LIFE magazine circa 1948. Tres gorge. I hope you’re off to a fun filled weekend. We’ll take in some fireworks here in Old Town Alexandria. Not about to be outdone by the nearby nation’s capital, this town celebrates its very own birthday on July 13th. This year Alexandria turns 264. Wow, that’s pretty old for America. What are you all up to?

Here are a few of my favorite things from this week and a little link love:

happy weekend

1. I love these illustrated posters for the kiddos- animals of the world by artist, Andy Ward.

2. Unplugging at Camp for Grown Ups. I always wanted to go to camp as a kid and now these grown-up camps are everywhere- although I don’t know if I can really classify the people in their Moonrise Kingdom‘d-out photo above, grown-ups. In any case, it’s never too late even if you do look a little ridiculous.

3. Looking to remodel, upgrade or update? Here’s a handy tool to price out costs in your area. Fun to look at- more fun if you live in Des Moines than if you live in Palo Alto.

4. The Newsroom is back baby. Yahoo. I love these characters, that Sorkin speak and the little lift you get from watching his shows- cue the anthemic West Wing-like theme- bring on season 2. P.S.: Jeff Daniels is totally a bad ass in this show. When have you ever seen Daniels as a bad ass. It’s kind of hot and a long way from Dumb and Dumber.

5. The Washington Monument lights it up yo.

6. Jay-Z raps for 6 hours at the Pace Gallery. How did I miss this! He’s got his performance art game on.

7. Kickstarter funds more art than the NEA. Wow.

8. I love this floor tile- a collaboration between Carocin and Petit Pan. Blue and pink heaven.

9. Imogen and Asher edge out Charlotte and Finn as this year’s most popular baby names (as in: most viewed on nameberry). Really? Imogen? The only Imogen I know is the divine Ms. Coca and she’s an Imogene. Ok, there’s also Imogen Heap- she’s got to be the draw. I can’t imagine many young parents naming their little ones after Aunt Edna- although she was pretty fantastic.

P.S.: Blurred Lines as The Cosby Show opener- it kind of works. And speaking of the Cos, he’s launched a Cosby Sweater Tournament- how could we possibly pick the best Cosby sweater.

P.P.S.: This is funny- 24 hunky actors that will make you wish time travel was for real.

P.P.P.S.: I know this has gone viral and everyone’s probably already seen it, but it’s interesting. Tootsie- one of the greatest movies ever made- and Dustin Hoffman’s reaction to playing a woman has got to be one of the reasons it is so good.

And- heads up New Yorkers, Manhattanhenge touches down on the grid tonight and tomorrow.

Ok, one more: this is pretty crazy town. An impala dives into a tourist’s SUV as he flees a chasing cheetah. Whoa. When’s the last time you’ve seen this happen? Never.



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Happy Weekend

Happy Weekend!

happy weekend

Happy Weekend all! I have been a trifle bit absent this week as it is a wee bit crazy over here. It’s spring concert time for the dance program that I direct, so there is lots of drama swirling in the air. I may be a little spotty with my presence here until the end of the month, but I will try my best. We are house hunting (yay- a backyard may be in our near future) and I just have to say that we saw the craziest, scariest trinket-filled house yesterday. I kind of loved it but know in my heart that it’s bound to be a money pit. I had visions of Shelley Long and Tom Hanks dancing in my head as we walked through the house. Not the one for us. I love a project but this one would be a life’s work, not sure I’m up to that challenge with 1 year old twins. Oh well, the search continues.

What are you all up to this weekend? We’ll be watching the Tonys and rooting for my brother in law, Terrence Mann to bring home the prize for his amazing portrayal of Charlemagne in Pippin. Woot woot- go Terry. I can’t wait to see what Charlotte wears! We have a fun little dinner planned in Virginia wine country, so hopefully I’ll capture some nice moments to share. Have a beautiful summer weekend!

A little link love:

link love

1. This is a little big genius- Brian Williams does Snoop. Jimmy Fallon, you rock.

2. This essay by David Sedaris killed me!

3. I’m obsessed with this farmhouse renovation. Clean, simple and classic. I might add a dash more modern but I love it.

4. How to make your living room look larger (provided you have adjacent outdoor space)- a good tip.

5. Revealing portraits of models and their moms.

6. And I’m totally making these. Chocolate Chunk Blondies c/o the Barefoot Contessa. Come on!

Images: {Illustration: Nishant Choksi, Kitchen: BH&G, Living/Outdoor: Mi Casa Revista, Models and Moms: Howard Schatz, Blondies: Lark + Linen}



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Happy Weekend and Welcome June!


I just love this. Not sure why- maybe it’s the whole idea of having limits in such vastness or maybe it’s just cool. In any case, happy weekend to you all! I hope you enjoy the first days of June. We’re throwing a tiny birthday party for the tiny bebes. They turned one this week so they’ll be smashing some cakes and opening some presents- yippee.

I’m making this Banana & Blueberry Cake and this Carrot Cake- I just can’t go the full monty yet with the sugar and the ice cream. If you’re rolling your eyes at me as you read this, I don’t blame you. But they’ll be on to sugar soon enough and besides I’m in full on preservation mode. I absolutely love watching them grow but will so miss the tiny babe stage.

I hope you all have a most excellent weekend.

A little link love:

A winemaker’s favorite places around the world.

Next time I’m in Paris (please let it be soon), I’m hitting this place up for the cutest kids’ clothes ever.

Calling all bike loving crafty waftys- DIY your own super cute bike crate. How great is this.

The best wedding party photo of all time?

Ikea makes a really cool pharmacy cabinet. I would love this for my bathroom.

For anyone that has the time, here are some super cute DIY cocktail sticks to make your party pinterest perfect. My parties these days are definitely not darlingly designed, it’s more of the throw it all together at the last minute or let’s just have an impromptu picnic but hey- whatever works.

And next time I’m in San Fran (please let it be soon), I’m hitting this place up for fantastic curios and oddities.

Haven’t we all danced around our bedroom in our underwear to the Dixie Chicks, “Landslide”? I know I have. Check out Tyler Marcum dancing alongside his 20 year-old self. This is awesome, he was pretty inspired in that dorm room.

My new favorite wine label.

Animals that you didn’t know existed- love that Irawaddy Dolphin!

Wow. There are so many things to say about this and I really can’t tell whether it’s for real or a spoof but after it’s all said and done, it’s really all about that camel toe and that gallup. Wow.

Mario Batali’s way of welcoming the weekend- Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

A life sized prairie dollhouse gone- so sad.

This is absolutely hilarious- a conversation between a dad and his 2 year old daughter reenacted by adults.

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