Happy Weekend and Welcome June!


I just love this. Not sure why- maybe it’s the whole idea of having limits in such vastness or maybe it’s just cool. In any case, happy weekend to you all! I hope you enjoy the first days of June. We’re throwing a tiny birthday party for the tiny bebes. They turned one this week so they’ll be smashing some cakes and opening some presents- yippee.

I’m making this Banana & Blueberry Cake and this Carrot Cake- I just can’t go the full monty yet with the sugar and the ice cream. If you’re rolling your eyes at me as you read this, I don’t blame you. But they’ll be on to sugar soon enough and besides I’m in full on preservation mode. I absolutely love watching them grow but will so miss the tiny babe stage.

I hope you all have a most excellent weekend.

A little link love:

A winemaker’s favorite places around the world.

Next time I’m in Paris (please let it be soon), I’m hitting this place up for the cutest kids’ clothes ever.

Calling all bike loving crafty waftys- DIY your own super cute bike crate. How great is this.

The best wedding party photo of all time?

Ikea makes a really cool pharmacy cabinet. I would love this for my bathroom.

For anyone that has the time, here are some super cute DIY cocktail sticks to make your party pinterest perfect. My parties these days are definitely not darlingly designed, it’s more of the throw it all together at the last minute or let’s just have an impromptu picnic but hey- whatever works.

And next time I’m in San Fran (please let it be soon), I’m hitting this place up for fantastic curios and oddities.

Haven’t we all danced around our bedroom in our underwear to the Dixie Chicks, “Landslide”? I know I have. Check out Tyler Marcum dancing alongside his 20 year-old self. This is awesome, he was pretty inspired in that dorm room.

My new favorite wine label.

Animals that you didn’t know existed- love that Irawaddy Dolphin!

Wow. There are so many things to say about this¬†and I really can’t tell whether it’s for real or a spoof but after it’s all said and done, it’s really all about that camel toe and that gallup. Wow.

Mario Batali’s way of welcoming the weekend- Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

A life sized prairie dollhouse gone- so sad.

This is absolutely hilarious- a conversation between a dad and his 2 year old daughter reenacted by adults.

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