Happy Weekend!


How fabulous are these bathers from LIFE magazine circa 1948. Tres gorge. I hope you’re off to a fun filled weekend. We’ll take in some fireworks here in Old Town Alexandria. Not about to be outdone by the nearby nation’s capital, this town celebrates its very own birthday on July 13th. This year Alexandria turns 264. Wow, that’s pretty old for America. What are you all up to?

Here are a few of my favorite things from this week and a little link love:

happy weekend

1. I love these illustrated posters for the kiddos- animals of the world by artist, Andy Ward.

2. Unplugging at Camp for Grown Ups. I always wanted to go to camp as a kid and now these grown-up camps are everywhere- although I don’t know if I can really classify the people in their Moonrise Kingdom‘d-out photo above, grown-ups. In any case, it’s never too late even if you do look a little ridiculous.

3. Looking to remodel, upgrade or update? Here’s a handy tool to price out costs in your area. Fun to look at- more fun if you live in Des Moines than if you live in Palo Alto.

4. The Newsroom is back baby. Yahoo. I love these characters, that Sorkin speak and the little lift you get from watching his shows- cue the anthemic West Wing-like theme- bring on season 2. P.S.: Jeff Daniels is totally a bad ass in this show. When have you ever seen Daniels as a bad ass. It’s kind of hot and a long way from Dumb and Dumber.

5. The Washington Monument lights it up yo.

6. Jay-Z raps for 6 hours at the Pace Gallery. How did I miss this! He’s got his performance art game on.

7. Kickstarter funds more art than the NEA. Wow.

8. I love this floor tile- a collaboration between Carocin and Petit Pan. Blue and pink heaven.

9. Imogen and Asher edge out Charlotte and Finn as this year’s most popular baby names (as in: most viewed on nameberry). Really? Imogen? The only Imogen I know is the divine Ms. Coca and she’s an Imogene. Ok, there’s also Imogen Heap- she’s got to be the draw. I can’t imagine many young parents naming their little ones after Aunt Edna- although she was pretty fantastic.

P.S.: Blurred Lines as The Cosby Show opener- it kind of works. And speaking of the Cos, he’s launched a Cosby Sweater Tournament- how could we possibly pick the best Cosby sweater.

P.P.S.: This is funny- 24 hunky actors that will make you wish time travel was for real.

P.P.P.S.: I know this has gone viral and everyone’s probably already seen it, but it’s interesting. Tootsie- one of the greatest movies ever made- and Dustin Hoffman’s reaction to playing a woman has got to be one of the reasons it is so good.

And- heads up New Yorkers, Manhattanhenge touches down on the grid tonight and tomorrow.

Ok, one more: this is pretty crazy town. An impala dives into a tourist’s SUV as he flees a chasing cheetah. Whoa. When’s the last time you’ve seen this happen? Never.



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Happy Weekend!

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