Bottle Stock Brings It


One of my favorite bloggers, Whitney Adams of Brunellos Have More Fun has recently launched Bottle Stock- a super cool line of wine accessories. These are not your stepdad’s oversized rabbit ears masquerading as wine openers or your mother-in-law’s trinkety wine charms. This stuff is uber designed, pinterest pretty and highly functional. Case in point, that sweet tart dipped wine key above- those are the only wine keys that the pros use btw, and the only tool that really works- it’s not only fun to use but pretty to look at too. Mine (albeit its sad little generic casing as it is not Bottle Stock issued) is one of my prized possessions- a keepsake from my former life as a French wine rep- it’s like a little piece of magic. And those wine wraps- my favorite- how much cooler is that pretty paper than some cheesy wine bag you picked up at Papyrus. I dig the blue stained wine journal, and the pulpboard Loire Valley grape leaf and varietal coasters would be perfect for that geeky tasting you’re planning. Watercolors and obscure grapes- always a winning combo.

I’m in love. Good on ya, Ms. Adams.

{Images: Bottle Stock Shop}


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