Volatize This: A Springy Fresh Bottle of Loire Bubbles

Springtime Bubbles

Look at that label- I love that little guy.  This bottle put a little spring in my step, so I thought it a perfect profile for this time of year. Spring is peeking its little head around the corner and (finally) awakening our senses with warm whiffs of fresh flowers and budding greens- yay! It’s about time. I say this every year, but the fact of the matter is, winter is just too long. On second thought, maybe I just live on the wrong latitudinal line. Hmmm. In any case, I’ve found the perfect bottle to pair with your spring.[…]

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Cuckoo for a Straw Clutch

cuckoo for the straw clutch2

Kayu Design is busting out some crazy cool straw clutches that take me right back to my Mom’s closet circa 1982. Oh yeah, my Mom had some great straw bags that were not only awesome, but also ideal accessories for any 7 year-old’s dress-up closet raid. Do you still have those Mom? Maybe it’s that nostalgia thing again, but I love these chic little handmade bags. Resort season is upon is and even if I’m not jetting it down to the ‘Hamas (as my little brother used to call the pink sandy Caribbean islands), I can still play like I am.[…]

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Happy Weekending!


We had a little taste of summer this past week in Charleston, this photo seemed apropos for the way it made me feel. Hello good people of the world and Happy Weekend to you. We have just returned from a whirlwind week of Spring Breaking in glorious Charleston- what a gem of a city, I can’t wait to round up my favorite spots. We stayed at the beach so we had the best of both worlds- town and country- we got charming city, crazy good food (I mean, really kind of nuts- full report to come), and long empty beaches[…]


Happy Weekending!

pink house

Pretty in Pink- Charleston Happy Weekend dear readers. It has been a long week with my grandmother passing. I will head home today and try to get back to “normal” life. It’s been a wonderful week of celebrating our Meme and spending time with family and friends, a great reminder of what is most important in life. Our post-memorial reception turned into an all-night impromptu dance party and there’s not a whole lot in the world that a spontaneous dance party can’t cure- my grandmother would have loved it. What are you all up to this weekend? We will be[…]


Her Last Dance

Frances Thomson

Frances Chapman Thomson 1924-2015 We said goodbye to our dear Meme this past Sunday. I will forever feel grateful and fortunate that I was present to share in her passing, it was truly one of the most beautiful moments of my life. I have never been witness to someone leaving our world, a true blessing. Surrounded and literally enveloped by her children and grandchildren, our dearest Meme went on to her next adventure this past Sunday, March 1st. She had been terribly ill trying her dammdest to recover from major surgery and was not ready to give up until that[…]


Happy Weekending!

citrus scents

Happy Weekend dear readers. What are you up to this winter weekend? I am off to visit my dear grandmother in Texas (if I can get there, seems the winter weather is worse there than on the East Coast). She is fighting the good fight after a long and tedious surgery to remove an aneurysm. She is 90 and my hero. I wrote about her here and feel so lucky to have her as my darling grandmother and source of constant inspiration. My Meme is a woman who fully embraces life and lives with an artful and interested eye- she[…]


Citrus Cumin Salt or (How To Up Your Avocado Toast Game)

Citrus Cumin Salt

The easiest way to wake up your taste buds in the morning- homemade Citrus Cumin Salt. I was inspired to recreate this recipe after a bite of the stuff at my local Le Pain Quotidien, it really does just take things up a notch- instant elevation. Once again, it’s really all about the zest. As I’ve learned from watching the pros, whether it’s Ina on the telly or my pal Anna Watson Carl in my own kitchen, lemon zest is a key component to fresh, bright flavor. With this simple salt recipe you get the earthiness of cumin, the bite of[…]

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The Contender: An Oscar-Worthy Champagne Cocktail

The Contender

“I coulda been a…”, well-  you know the rest. In honor of one of my favorite scenes on celluloid comes one of my very favorite cocktails and just in time for the Red Carpet- a Champagne Cocktail of course as it is the Oscars. The Contender A Champagne | Limoncello | Honey | Thyme | Cocktail- because all of this stuff is awesome just like Marlon. What You Need: 1. A bottle of Champagne or any delicious bubbly. 2. 1 cup honey 3. 1 cup water 4. A delicious limoncello. (I’m using a pretty special bottle gifted to me by[…]


Happy Weekend!

Happy Oscars

Audrey and Grace chattin’ it up backstage at the Oscars, like they do- circa 1956. (Photo: Allan Grant) A Happy Weekend to you all dear readers. What are you all up to? My mom is in town- hooray! I took her out on the town to Edible DC’s Drinks Invitational followed by a fancy little dinner just a hop, skip and jump (almost literally) at Rogue 24. I had yet to dine at R.J. Cooper’s DC flagship, and the kids there have still got it. We recently ate at Cooper’s new(ish) Gypsy Soul out here in the ‘burbs, and any menu that boasts the words[…]


Thursday Thrift Part Deux

Thursday Thrift: J. Crew Floral Applique tee for $10 bucks

  A sweet little gray tee with a pretty little floral appliqué for $9.99? Come on now. J. Crew Floral Appliqué Tee (Use the code SHOPPINGTIME)   Related posts:Present-ing: The Globetrotter’s Gift GuideMovie Musical Appreciation WeekHappy Halloween

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