Say Hello to Your New Favorite Drink: The Perfect Springtime Cocktail!

springtime cocktail

So the blogosphere and your favorite feeds are flooded with “the perfect springtime cocktail”, yeah yeah… well, my friends, let me assure you- you can Pin no further, for I have found the ultimate drink for spring, and not just for springtime drinking by the way, this cocktail may become your most favorite for anytime sipping all the year-round. I know I will be serving this up at my birthday party this summer- and that’s saying a lot for a vino gal whose go-to is almost always a straight up glass of French bubbly.

Discovered at my friends’ recent glam spring nuptials at the iconic Four Seasons Restaurant in NYC, I could not get enough of this signature cocktail. Just what makes this pretty little drink sing such a sweet springtime song? The blissful combo of spring’s favorite first vegetable, rhubarb, and that spunky Italian aperitif, Aperol.

Crafted by the bride herself, Meryl Rosofsky- a food studies professor and food writer extraordinaire (fun fact: Betty Fussell was one of the officiants at her ceremony- cue the badass quotient), this cocktail in Meryl’s words, “features bubbly Prosecco, the Italian aperitif Aperol, club soda, and a splash of rhubarb amaro, rhubarb being a harbinger of much-longed-for spring!”. Yep, she knows how to put it together.

This springtime spritz is indeed spritzful, refreshing, light and flavorful with a punch of big citrus and freshly picked herbs. It drinks like a stylish Italian out for her passiagata- the traditional Italian pre-dinner stroll – with the fragrant springtime air blowing her hair just so, as she readies to settle in for the perfect bowl of pasta at the most picturesque outdoor table her local trattoria has to offer. Too much? Maybe. But honestly, this drink puts me there. As I’m sipping, I’m strolling the streets of Rome on a warm spring evening. Like I said, I’m not a cocktail gal, I’ll always go with a great glass of vino, but this one is La Dolce Vita on the rocks, kids.

Without further ado, here’s your new favorite drink:

The Wedded Bliss Spritz

What You Need:

-3 ounces Prosecco

-1 ounce Aperol

-1 ounce soda

-ΒΌ ounce Rabarbaro Zucca Amaro (rhubarb amaro)

*if your bar is not already stocked with Aperol and Rabarbaro Zucca Amaro, this is a great excuse.

What You Do:

-Pour over ice in wine glass and stir.

-Garnish with orange slice.

Cin Cin and Enjoy!

Meet Our Contributor Meryl Rosofsky

Photos: Erin Baiano


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  1. Kelly, you are NOT a cocktail gal??? I hope this changes you into one forever. xx

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