A Few Good Things

Just a quick roundup of things that are making me happy nowadays.

a few good things

I’m wearing this spotted shift to an arts gala next month. I can’t resist a good dalmatian print.

These plates make me smile. I just bought a set for Miss V. (aka: our new house).

Washington’s Beltway through the lens of Rashmi Pappu’s camera. Rashmi is a talented local photographer here in Old Town Alexandria. I love following her Instaworld.

If I can’t eat there (anytime soon anyway), I might as well read about it. Faviken is the first cook book penned by critically lauded 28 year-old Swedish chef Magnus Nilsson. His restaurant, also named Faviken, is situated on a 20,000 acre farm in the Scandinavian countryside. Talk about a destination meal- this is the stuff of dreams.

This little baby really puts a smile on my face. I have shopped high and low for an affordable espresso machine that is easy to use, makes delicious coffee and is above all, great looking. I’m a big illy fan, so this one takes the cake. Sold. C thinks it looks like a Panda Bear, I think it looks like it knows it’s awesome.

This Malachite wallpaper. I mean really- too good.

And the fabulous Miss Stritch- she never disappoints. If you didn’t catch this appearance on Kathie Lee & Hoda… you’re welcome. Not only does she drop the F bomb, but she’s got her feet in Kathie Lee’s lap and she’s wearing a floor length fur. What is happening! DI-to-the-VA. Love her. I can’t wait to see this new documentary. And if you haven’t seen Elaine Stritch: At Liberty, do yourself a favor and see it pronto, her stories are unbelievable.

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2 Responses

  1. Toni says:

    Kelli, loved looking up all these lovelies. Do love the dress…I was perusing through her store and found this dress that looked exactly like a picture Bree is making for me…You’ll have to go look. I’m trying to send it to you…but don’t know how to do it here so I’ll text it to you…
    Loved this post.

  2. kelly says:

    How cool! Send it to my email or text me. Can’t wait to see it!

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