Happy Weekend- Go Ravens!

It’s Super Bowl weekend again. I’m not the most devoted NFL fan but I do love a good game, let’s bring it Raven and 49ers. I’ve always liked the 49ers but now that I live in the DC area, I kind of have to go for the Ravens so… Go Ravens!

Even more fun than the game (for me at least) is the food, drinks and sometimes the halftime show. Beyoncé will be bringing it as she always does- lip-syncing or not (she is one of the few living performers who can totally pull off shades in rehearsal- see above) and I’ve decided I’m all about dips this year. I will be making this white queso dip from the Brokeass Gourmet, this buffalo shrimp dip from Skinny Taste (I’m usually not much one for low cal recipes, but hey- something’s gotta give somewhere in this menu) and serving The Sauce Queens‘ delicious salsa- totally obsessed. I cannot get enough of this stuff. They don’t have major distribution yet but if you happen to live in the DC area, you can find their salsa at Whole Foods. We think they should go on Shark Tank- another obsession. I just finished listening to Barbara Corcoran’s memoir/business guide, Shark Tales. She is a girl with gusto and her book is a funny and endearing peek into her ambition filled career with sweet anecdotes from her childhood and life lessons from her badass mother. Barbara is one of 10 children, if that tells you anything. A fun listen.

For drinks, I think it’s gotta be DC Brau from the can because, come on- it’s the Super Bowl and a rosé cava. Bubbly is always a good choice with chips but salsa and spicy dips can prove to be tough pairings. The bubbly and the fruit from the rosé should be a good match for the super bowl spice. A good cava also keeps it simple.

For those of you completely uninterested in the game, i.e. those of you who will be tuning into Downton Abbey as opposed to those of us who will be DVRing it and then probably watching post-game, check out this hilarious Downton Abbey Bingo. Last week’s episode was a doozy, bingo will bring a bit of a pick-me-up to this week’s watching.


{Image Credits: Beyoncé photo from her tumblr page, hot and spicy buffalo shrimp dip from SkinnyTaste, Downton Abbey bingo cards from Paste Mag)

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