Around the Holiday Table

My brother Matt had us over for Thanksgiving this year and my father in law, Jacques drove down from NY to be with us. It was a tasty good time and conversation about the Absinthe documentary- appropriately named Absinthe- sparked our curiosity to do a tasting, Matt just happened to have a bottle on hand- tastes kind of like ouzo to me. The Sea Smoke Southing ’09 Pinot was really a stunner with our bird- it was complex and subtle all at once, a really beautiful wine. I had been waiting to drink this one and it was a good time to break it out. I received it earlier this year after waiting for a spot on Sea Smoke’s mailing list for about 6 months. It was worth it. The vintage is showing nicely and was enjoyed by all.




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  1. Cheryl Crandall says:

    Yum – would love to try that Sea Smoke. Sounds yummy. Wonderful photos.

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